Candles burn down.  Flowers die.  Food and drinks are consumed. Luxury soaps are used up.  Specialty utensils and cutting boards are tucked away out of sight…  Well, you get the idea.  Don’t fall into a boring rut of typical housewarming gifts.  Be bold: be thoughtful; and let us help you warm that house with a gift that will charm its residents for years to come!

Give a keepsake of friends and family who gathered with
warm wishes for happiness in a new home.

Already mentioned in our “Wedding & Anniversary Gift Ideas” blog, but no less fabulous as a housewarming gift, is a sentimental or unique bottle.  If possible, why not snag an empty bottle from the housewarming party, and have it framed for the new residents? There’s no rule about when you have to present your gift, right?

Housewarming Framed Wine Bottle

Speaking of framed objects–why should gorgeous, grainy wooden utensils hide in a dark drawer when they’d have so much more fun lighting up a kitchen wall? That’s right, summon your inner pre-schooler and break out the fun paint colors! Though some colors may never live on an entire wall (file that under “it seemed like a good idea at the time”), there’s no reason why they can’t provide a pop of accent color to a new home.  You do the dipping (or let us do it), and we’ll do the framing.  Stirring up decorative delights for a unique housewarming gift is much easier than you think!

Housewarming Framed Utensils

If you’ve got a bit of a higher budget, or are looking for an extra-special touch for a friend or family member, we’d love to help you frame something out-of-the-box (or bowl).  For smaller homes or cute studio apartments where counter/shelf/table space is limited but wall space is ample and blank, think about mounting objects on canvas and framing them! Who says a stunning set of hand-woven bowls needs to sit on a counter? Not us.

Housewarming Framed Bowls

And last—but certainly never least—is a framed photo, but not just any framed photo. Perhaps it’s happened to you:  moving into the new home you’re so excited about often means leaving the current home you’ll love forever.  For a “something-old-and-something-new” twist, why not frame a photo of the old home as a touching way to christen the new one?  Whether it’s an architectural rendering, a quick sketch, or even a great shot on your phone, bring it into one of our stores (or use our photo uploader here); and we’ll make a timeless, warm gift for any home, no matter what style or what budget.

Housewarming Framed Sketch


As we love to say: “Got walls? Let’s hang out!”