“May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied in love.” ~L.O. Baird

And what better occasion to give a gift with thoughtfulness and love than a wedding or anniversary? And what better “package” for your thoughtfulness and love than a beautifully unique, custom-crafted frame.

Whether it’s your wedding (or one you’re attending) or your anniversary (or a loved one’s)—we’ve got gift ideas to make your life easier, your love lovelier, and your thoughtfulness exceedingly thoughtful!

Okay, there’s a reason it seems cliché to frame a an arrangement of your invitations: it’s because it’s still a great idea. With all the time (and ALL the money) you spent carefully designing your invitations—the perfect color palette, the perfect font choices, the perfect paper texture—you really were creating a work of art.  And all works of art deserve to be preserved and admired for a lifetime!

Anniversary Framed Wedding Invitation

Whether it’s your own invitation, or one from a special wedding you attended, our designers will help you get creative in including preserved flowers, a wedding favor, a perfect photo, a strand of ribbon, a unique place-card, or even a piece of jewelry.

You thoughtfully wrote your wedding vows as the cornerstone of your love and future married life together, so why not make them a visible part of your everyday life together!  Ever thought of printing them out on canvas in the typography of your choice? We have, and we can. Simply fill out our brief contact form, and a designer will get back to you and help you create work of art worthy of your heartfelt words. Or maybe you have your original pieces of paper, a tiny bit wrinkled and possibly smudged with tears?  Nothing better!  When the going gets tough—or when the day-to-day grind overshadows the passion—bring back the feeling, the magic, the wonder of the day you said “I do” with a beautiful reminder of one of the best days of your life.

Anniversary Framed Vows

“Cheers to the happy couple!”

 Did you toast the day with a special vintage, or save a bottle of bubbly for a milestone anniversary?  We love making bottles into fun 3D pieces of art. Enjoy the contents one day, then enjoy the memories every day after that.  Why tuck the bottle away in a box, or set it on a shelf and risk breakage, when you can preserve it as a decorative piece that is full of love, fun, and moments from a landmark day?

Anniversary Framed Wine Bottle

Take a deep breath before we get into this next idea, and try not to be horrified at the thought of dismantling your wedding guest book.  After all, isn’t is about the people rather than the thing itself?  Part of the magic of your wedding day is the gathering of adored friends and family who you may not otherwise see but a few other times in your life, right?  Right.

Sure, you can ceremoniously display your book on a shelf or even on your coffee table; but how often do you actually open it and read the touching inscriptions?  Have you ever thought of showcasing a few special pages written on by some of the most significant people in your life, or even a loved one who is no longer with you? Those precious inscriptions, arranged and preserved in a frame, will warm your home and your heart every single time you see them.

Anniversary Framed Guestbook

And now for the obvious—yet no less thoughtful—choice.  On a time crunch, budget crunch, or simply don’t have access to any of the above?  We got you!  Your smartphone camera roll and our nifty online photo uploader are all you need for a splendid gift. From a gorgeous staged shot of the glowing wedding party to a candid shot the post-ceremony celebrations, any moment from that special day can be a treasured gift that keeps on giving, especially if you’ve captured some amazingly-bad dancing. Well done you. Click the here to upload your favorite “dancing queen,” legendary toast, or intimate moment.

Anniversary Framed Wedding Photo