Is it time to welcome a new little one, or find a gift for someone else’s new arrival?  We’re going to help you get excited, avoid gift-giving ruts, and decorate a nursery to love!  Perfect baby gifts are thoughtful, personal, and practical… easier said than done, right? Well, keep reading; and we’ll show you how it can be easier than A-B-C.

And we may be biased—okay we’re definitely biased—but why not think out-of-the-box gifts and onto-the-wall gifts? If there’s one thing that can happen quickly with baby gifts, it’s CLUTTER: tiny squeaky toys everywhere, small soft stuffed animals that multiply so rapidly that they need their own hammock, 10 zillion onesies that are too quickly grown out of, rattles and teething toys for dayyys.

What to do…  what to do… ?  How ‘bout taking some of those lovely little toys and giving them a cozy home in a shadowbox frame?

Framed Baby Felties

Hung at eye level, these framed treasures will do double-duty as adorable decorations and captivating visual stimuli.

And did you know that while an infant’s vision may be one of the least developed senses at birth, visual input during the early months may have the most profound effect on baby’s developing nervous system? (Sure we’re artsy, but we still tip our hat to science.) And even though it’s counterintuitive—we’re looking at you, beautiful soothing pastels—soft colors do nothing for your baby, visually speaking.

Research has proven that black and white contrasts and bold, deep colors register powerfully on your little one’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to the brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development: so let us help you surround your baby with deep, contrasting art and typography; and watch your baby’s eyes light up!

Framed Baby Art

For all of you talented needleworkers, you cannot go wrong with framing your creation for a brand new loved one!  Baby’s name and birthday, a loved nursery rhyme, quote, or scripture verse—there’s endless sentimental value in such a gift from the heart.

Framed Baby Needle Art

Hello and congratulations to all of you proud grandparents out there! For you, we suggest the gift of family.  Some of our favorite things to design and frame are collections of family heirlooms. Preserved christening gowns, delicate rattles, beautifully-aged birth certificates, old baby photos, favorite childhood books, lacy vintage bibs, and so much more—all of these things can be custom framed in a sleek, modern shadowbox for and old-meets-new approach. We’ll help you creatively arrange, mat, and mount your history to highlight and tell the perfect story to the next generation.

Framed Vintage Baby Dress

Let us help you complete your creation with custom framing that will protect and preserve it for a lifetime.

framed baby booties