What’s black and white and red all over? But also lime and turquoise and silver and pink and orange and lilac and… almost any color, shape, and texture you could want? Clear. Colorful. Totally custom acrylic frames. From delicate to dramatic, from subtle curves to clean lines–Prisma Acrylic Frames are 100% customizable and 100% fabulous.

Prisma Frame Corners

Prisma calls their acrylic frame creations “fun designs for serious frames.”

And when it comes to colors and creativity, we like to think of these breakthrough products as fun designs for fun people who want to do their own thing. And do-your-own-thing is exactly what these frames are all about!

Turquoise Prisma Framed Donuts

And guys, don’t worry–we’re not insecure about our walls of 2000+ framing choices, but sometimes you just want… MORE. You want to create your frame from scratch, from your imagination. Shape, texture, color, transparency–it all needs to feel uniquely yours. And that’s where Prisma shines. Want interesting angles, or rounded corners? Want textures and patterns? Want high-shine or frosted color? Noooo problem.

Prisma Frame Options

While glorious in its array of options (46 colors, 20+ patterns and textures, numerous widths and depths), we know that choices can sometimes be overwhelming. So to make your 1001 decisions fun and user-friendly, Prisma provides awesome visualization software. Come play with this fun, fast program that will allow you to upload a picture of your artwork and then easily design the frame that perfectly enhances its colors and style.

Build, rebuild, and hone your choices; preview the final design; and wait for the magic to arrive!

Prisma Frame Builder

And don’t worry–we’ll take care of fitting your art into your frame and make sure it’s ready to hang in its new home. Or (shamless plug alert) we’ll even deliver and hang it for you. Simply fill out our delivery and install form if you’d like us to help you out!

Framed and Hanging Prisma Art

Step outside the limits of traditional picture framing, and create a frame as original as the art that will live in it. Get colorful. Get personal. Get on down here and create something beautiful today!