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“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

Exceptional designs don’t flow from just a frame, but from unwavering attention to detail, from a stunning array of choices, and from outstanding customer care. We’re here to help preserve and showcase what matters most to you.


Because great design means nothing without great quality, superior craftsmanship is worked into each part of our product development and creation. From your idea to our production, every custom frame and all its components are created, assembled, and inspected by a team of imaginative artisans.

Art, Photos, Treasures...

As the star of your framing show, what you are framing is handled with care from the moment you bring it through our doors. We carefully give it the white glove treatment, storing it safely in-house until we meticulously situate it in its new frame.


Art ready to be stored prior to framing


When it comes to our designers, pretty-as-a-picture doesn't even come close. From the tenured "I've seen it all" team members, to the youthful "let's do something hip and visionary," together we will discover the design that perfectly matches your home.

Designing a frame


Your custom frame is crafted and assembled to order, using the most cutting-edge (pun intended, but also true), computerized saws and joining equipment. Every line, every corner, every angle is a work of art, to frame your art.

Joining a custom frame

Matting & Mounting

Because it's what's inside that counts, our acid-free mat boards and mounting boards are carefully chosen for your project, preserving your art or objects for years to come. Some hidden and some front-and-center, our foundational materials become the unsung hero of your project.

Art being placed on its mat


Hand-cut and inspected for flaws, each piece of glass or plexiglass provides amazing clarity and uncompromising protection. Because what you don't see is as important as what you do.

Glass being placed on framed photo

Final Inspection

Imperfections need not apply. Free of flaws and as perfect as a hand-made work-of-art can be, your finished framing project will pass through 3 quality-assurance checks before it finds its home on your wall. And rest assured that "good enough" will never take the place of "it's perfect!"

Final inspection of the finished custom frame


Creative design, honest advice, and knowledgeable customer service – we promise to combine these elements in a finished custom framing project you’ll love. Your happiness is our top priority. If you’re not 100% happy with your order for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right.


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