Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What can I frame?

If you love it, we can frame it! (no pets or significant others please) Simple posters and prints, valuable works of art on paper or canvas, cherished documents, favorite photos, family heirlooms, 3D objects, mirrors—our skilled professionals will help design the right custom frame or display solution for whatever you’re framing. We offer obligation-free designs and quotes in our stores, so come see us! To get started now, visit our custom frame page.

How long does it take to frame something?

Good things come to those who wait, right? Just kidding. We strive to have your framing back to you as fast as we possibly can (for both a custom or readymade product), but it really just depends on what you’re framing and the extent of the craftsmanship. To give you a better idea, see below:

Custom Picture Framing takes from 7–14 days, with most orders falling closer to the 7-day mark. In the event that you are on a tighter timeline, we can always rush an order in 2-3 days. Some of our stores even offer Same-Day Custom Framing with in-stock materials.

Readymade Picture Framing can take from 45 minutes to 24 hours. We offer a wide selection of readymade frames that can be customized with the glass, mats, and backing of your choice. We offer while-you-wait-assembly, which is subject to the busyness of our stores and availability of our staff. We also offer grab-and-go readymade frames that can be purchased in-store and online and completed at home.

Will you help design my frame?

Our creative designs, honest advice, and personalized service is always FREE. We’re here to make your framing journey effortless and enjoyable, from helping you choose the perfect mat and frame combination to planning out the final presentation on your wall. Come see us, or schedule an art pickup. We’ll begin by asking about your personal style as well as where the piece will hang in relation to your furniture and lighting. Get your custom frame started now.

How much does picture framing cost?

So many choices, so little time! We’d love to reduce the art of picture framing down to a science, or to math more specifically; but pricing is so specific to the project and to the materials chosen for that project. We offer essential custom frames for posters, photos, and documents starting at $29.99 with our package special; custom jersey frames for $234.99 with our jersey special; and simple readymade frames or table-top frames starting at $9.99. Conversely, when custom-framing a valuable work of art or a sentimental object, we offer museum-quality framing methods and materials to ensure that the final display is not only visually stunning, but conservatively constructed to last a lifetime. If you give us a few details about your project, we’d love to connect with you and give you an idea of the cost involved and how to get started.

Design and Craftmanship

Will you help find the perfect frame for my art?

Unsure of what your item needs? No problem! Our team of seasoned framers will guide you through the process of finding the perfect colors, style, and proportions for your art and for your home--for a frame you’ll love for a lifetime. Please visit one of our stores to experience of all the frames and mats available. We offer obligation-free designs and quotes, so come see us!

Do you offer conservation framing?

Yes, we offer a number of options for conservation framing. Glass, mats, and backing all have the most impact on the preservation of a framed item. The glazing (glass or acrylic) must be UV-protective to help filter out ultraviolet light. Beyond that, the matting, mounting materials, and backing must also be conservation-grade (acid and lignin-free to prevent yellowing, fading, and deterioration). With the combined magical forces of complete front and the back protection, your art—in all of its original glory— will beautify your space for years to come! Our standard conservation materials are as follows, but is by no means an exhaustive list:

UV-Filtering Glazing of Your Choice (from 78%-99% filtering) protects against environmental factors such as light, heat, pollution, and humidity—all of which can quickly fade and discolor your artwork. 

Conservation Matboard is free from acid that will cause yellowish-brown stains to appear around the edges of your object and can also make the paper brittle, weak, and cause it to lose its value.

Archival Acid Free Foam Core Backing, much like acid-free matting, protects artwork from the corroding acids found in regular foam core board.


What type of frames do you offer?

Classic, modern, ornate, traditional, or rustic--we have the perfect frame for you. We offer thousands of custom frame mouldings sourced from the finest manufactures all around the world, and even from local artisans in Arizona. Some of the specific substrates we offer are wood, aluminum, steel, acrylic, and MDF (for wholesale, large-scale builders, etc.). To make your framing project even more fabulous, we have a wide variety of specialty touches such as:

Fillets – tiny wooden frames (often matching the outer frame), used to decoratively line matting, or used to add dimension to the outer frame.

Liners – often linen (though sometimes finished wood), used as a decorative touch between a piece of art and the outer frame.

Oval or Round Frames – available in several sizes and finishes, customized just for you.

Closed-Corner Frames – frames that are joined prior to being finished so that no corner joins are visible, giving the frame the appearance that it is one piece. Corners can be decorated with composite flourishes or painted designs.

Leather-Covered Frames – optional faux or real leather in various colors/patterns can be overlaid on some of our specialty frames.

Prisma Specialty Acrylic Frames – frosted or see-through acrylic featuring a myriad of color/pattern choices are available for complete customization to perfectly match your art or photograph.

Canvas Float Frames – float frames are aptly named because of the illusion they create: your art will beautifully “float” within the frame without a single brushstroke being covered. Float frames are perfect for a finished, yet minimalist look.

What type of mats do you offer?

We have hundreds of mat colors/textures to choose from, featuring trusted brands such as Bainbridge, Crescent, and Artique. In addition to our rainbow of acid-free 100% cotton rag mats, we carry many specialty finishes as well!

Suede finish – a suede-like fabric finish that lends richness and depth of color to your piece.

Linen – hand-wrapped or machine-finished colored linen matting for a bit of texture and visual interest.

Silk – hand-wrapped or machine-finished colored silk matting for a bit of shine and richness.

Metallics – shiny silver, gold, bronze, and colored metallic-like finished mats for a modern, edgy look.

What type of glass reduces glare?

When it comes to glare-reducing glass, there are two types: non-glare glass, and Museum glass. Each type has a different appearance and different features.

Museum glass is a modern and more widely used anti-reflective glass with conservation-grade UV protection. In addition to its nearly-invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so that framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer.

Non-glare glass is the original anti-reflective glass that enhances the beauty of artwork with an etched matte finish to scatter light and minimize unwanted glare. Although it is less reflective than regular clear glass, non-glare glass can have a slightly-frosted look in direct sunlight. It is available in both 45% UV protection and 99% UV protection.

Reference our glass choices to learn more about glazing options.

What type of glass prevents fading?

UV-filtering glass is the only choice for lasting protection! We offer 3 types of glass with UV protection and 2 types of acrylic with UV protection. Each of these glazing products are up to 99% UV protective and will ensure that your artwork and memorabilia does not fade or discolor over time. Once you have decided to use UV protection glazing, your ultimate selection will depend on features like improved color clarity or reflection-control.

See our glass choices to learn more about glazing options.

What mounting options do you offer?

From lightweight items to large and heavy objects, from simple backing to acid-free conservation methods—we will always mount your piece with the appropriate substrate and mount for its preservation and long-term durability. For paper items, we offer acid-free foam board dry mounting, acid-free adhesive tape hinge mounting, reversible adhesive hinge mounting, mulberry hinge mounting, photo corners, lining strips, and other innovative techniques to pressure fit your art without the use of adhesives. For objects, we utilize removable silicone glues, clear inert filament, and custom created holders to provide reversible, yet lasting mounts.

What standard frame sizes do you keep in stock?

Every Hall of Frames location is stocked with a wide selection of unique readymade frames.


Delivery and Picture Hanging Service

What can you pick up and deliver?

We can pick up your art and drop it off at a Hall of Frames store for framing, and also deliver any framed items to your home or office. We will also gladly pick up and deliver your goods from one local location to another (from office to home, home to new home, etc.).

How much does delivery cost?

For goods framed at a Hall of Frames store, delivery is $75 if the piece is arm’s-length or smaller (and can be handled by one person). Pieces larger than arm’s length will require a team of 2 professionals and will cost $145. For delivery of non-Hall-of-Frames goods, please tell us about your project and someone will reach out to you with pricing that is specific to your project.

Can you hang my pictures and mirrors?

Absolutely. We are licensed, bonded, and insured professional picture hangers (AZ ROC#297642) that specialize in aesthetic space design and in hanging art, gallery wall groupings, framed mirrors, shelving and draperies. If you’ve just had something framed at one of our stores, we can deliver and install it for you. Or if you’ve just moved from one home to another, we can help lay out and arrange your new walls. Learn more about our professional delivery and picture hanging service.

For Business

Who do you work with?

Our business-to-business department is privileged to partner with businesses from local and national non-profit charities, artists, contractors, interior design firms, hotels, restaurants, single-family developments (custom and track homes), multi-family developments (condos and apartments), hospitals, and many others. Whatever your project—small or large—we’d love to help make your space beautiful, functional, and professional!

What type of services do you offer?

Need to take a concept from inception to completion? Trust us with every step of your process! We offer art consultation and sourcing; printing on photo paper, canvas, acrylic, aluminum, and wood; framing design and space layout; virtual renderings and elevations; local delivery or LTL freight; and installation. You provide us your vision and input, and let us deliver on the creation and heavy-lifting.

Do you offer account management?

Yes! If your business has multiple departments or team members who would like to order on an ongoing basis, we offer dedicated account management services. We also offer complimentary art pick up, layout and design, preferred pricing, order processing, and invoicing. Set up an account today.

Do you offer discounts or wholesale pricing?

We offer special discounts and pricing programs to all of our business clients. Do you have a large project, or wish to buy certain picture frame components in bulk? Please call us at 602-923-8900 or tell us about your business, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

How do I become tax exempt for resale?

If you have a current Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax license, we will need a current AZ Form 5000a on file to ensure that you will not pay sales tax. For account setup at the store level, visit any of our stores and make sure to bring your AZ TPT Sales license number. If you prefer online account setup, click here to fill out the form. Please allow us 24 hours to verify before placing an order.

Photo Printing

What kind of digital files can I print?

Our digital photo uploader accepts JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files up to 100mb.

*If your file is larger than 100mb, or is in a different format such as PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Coreldraw, please email us at and we will send you a file retrieval request.

What are the image resolution requirements?

Our minimum resolution for digital uploads is 150 DPI. If sizes within the “choose a size” options are grey and have a red asterisk next to them, your file is not large enough to support the chosen size.

What size photos can you print?

Photo sizes depend greatly on the quality of your image file, and also on the print medium you choose. Generally speaking, we can print any standard or custom size.

What type of photo prints do you offer?

We can print digital photos on canvas, acrylic, and aluminum, or photo paper (luster, gloss, metallic, pearl, and fine art). Get started printing here, or visit a store to see the difference in person.

When will my print order be ready?

We strive to have your photos printed and in your hands (or on your wall) as fast as we possibly can. It generally takes 1-2 business days to print and another 3-5 business days in transit. *Processing times may vary by chosen media such as canvas, metal and acrylic. 

Where do you ship?

At this time, we only ship printing orders within the Continental United States.

Do you offer rush processing and shipping?

Yes, we do offer rush delivery for a small fee. Choose the “rush delivery” option when checking out.

Frame Handling and Care

How do I clean my frame?

Picture frame mouldings come in a variety of finishes that may be damaged by chemicals and cleaning agents. Regular light dusting is recommended. If the frame requires more extensive cleaning, use filtered water and a soft microfiber cloth. Start by lightly spraying one side of a microfiber cloth and gently wiping the frame’s surface. Do not spray water directly onto the frame's surface. Always make sure to test a small inconspicuous area of the frame before cleaning the entire frame.

How do I clean my glass?

Picture frame glass needs regular care to maintain clarity. Cleaning with purified water or glass cleaner (free of ammonia, alcohol, and ethers) is recommended. It is important to spray the cleaning agent on one side of the microfiber cloth and then clean the glass. Once the glass is clean, use the dry side of the cloth to polish and remove streaks. Never spray cleaner directly on the glass, as you do not want the liquid to drip into the lip of the frame.

Can you repair frames?

Yes, we often repair frames; but be aware that some damage is irreparable. The type of frame material, the extent of the damage, and the way the corners are joined are all contributing factors in our ability to repair it. In most cases if there is corner damage, we will ask to break the frame apart, chop off a tiny sliver (about 1/8 of an inch) on each rail, and rejoin the corner to get the best look. If this is not possible, we may be able to use a combination of wood putty, touch-up markers and paints to try to renew the corner cosmetically. Please visit one of our stores for further questions and advice.

Can you replace broken picture frame glass?

Yes! We understand that glass can break during shipping, remodels, moves, etc. Rest assured that most glass replacements are fairly simple. However, glass replacements can be complex when the glass is completely shattered and has to be meticulously removed to avoid damaging the contents within the frame. To have your glass replaced, please carefully bring your frame into one of our stores. If possible, tape the front of the glass to prevent it from moving and damaging the art in transit.

Hanging or Display of Art

How do I hang a mirror?

Please avoid hanging heavy mirrors on picture wire of any kind: it is simply not meant to support the mirror's weight over time, leaving you with a mess and 7 years of bad luck. All Hall of Frames mirrors will come with strap hangers (a loop over a flat plate that screws into the frame). Rather than traditional wall hooks, we use wall anchors (such as Molly Bolts) that go through the sheet rock and lock into it. For worry-free hanging of mirrors (and for other heavy objects) we offer a mirror-hanging and delivery service. Learn more about our professional delivery and picture hanging service.

How do I avoid crooked frames, pictures not hanging close to the wall, and safely hanging artwork in a child’s room?

We use varying techniques to keep even the heaviest pieces secure, level, and flush to the wall. We can also finish your framing with security hardware to prevent theft and to ensure that a child cannot knock them off the wall. From sawteeth hangers for the lightest objects to sturdier hanging wire for heavier objects; from D-rings to Z-bar cleats to security hangers, we offer the appropriate hardware for the safety, security, and beauty of your art. For questions about specific hanging methods or to request installation of your artwork, fill out our inquiry form. Learn more about our professional delivery and picture hanging service.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase in any dollar amount in our stores. You can also purchase gift cards online, which will be mailed to you via USPS.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed at any Hall of Frames or Paradise Picture Frame store. If you would like to use a gift card for an online order or for delivery/install, please email us.

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Don’t hesitate to tell us about your project’s timeline and budget. We’re straightforward with our abilities and our pricing and we’re ready to make your world a more beautiful place.

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