Gift Ideas

For the Collector: Vintage Cameras

For the Photographer: Frame their First Camera

November 30, 2021
Running out of gift ideas for your favorite photographer? We’ve got the perfect gift idea for you. Instead of printing their photos for the 10th…
A white frame with an Etta James album cover inside Hall of Frames Arizona

Frame your Song

January 27, 2021
Ditch the typical flowers and sweets and surprise your loved one with a unique gift this Valentine’s Day. Frame your song! Whether it’s the song…
A brown tabletop frame with a couple's photo Hall of Frames Arizona

Photo Frame Your Love

Skip the chocolates and wine this year and create a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one will enjoy for years to come! Whether…
Travel art in bright green frame Hall of Frames Arizona

For the Wanderer: Custom Frame Travel Art

December 15, 2020
Remember travel? Sigh…we miss it, too. Even if you can’t travel this Holiday Season, you can celebrate wanderlust with a Custom Frame. Surprise a loved…
Custom framed license plate with Christmas gifts Hall of Frames Arizona

For the Car Enthusiast: Custom Frame Vintage License Plate

December 14, 2020
What to get the Car Enthusiast that has it all? If you can’t afford their dream car, create a thoughtful gift that will make them…
Custom Framed Gin Bottle floating in laser engraved Acrylic by Hall of Frames Arizona

For the Mixologist: Custom Frame Gin Bottle with Holiday Cocktail

December 8, 2020
Shake it up this year and give your favorite mixologist a gift they can hang above the bar. Custom frame their favorite spirit and include…