Make the style and uniqueness of your home’s layout work for you and your art collection.

Gallery walls that fit your style AND your space don’t need to be that unattainable thing that lives only in HGTV-land.  Maybe you have small pieces that when hung together can make a huge impact?  Or perhaps you collect larger pieces and need guidance for best placement?  Have an assortment of all sizes? Perfect. We like your style! Narrow spaces, oversized furniture, walls of windows, mantles or built-in shelving, art nooks or alcoves… ?

We’re here to help you turn design challenges into design triumphs.

With some help from our friends at Roma Moulding, we’ve gathered 15 creative ways to arrange and hang your art in all your fun, fabulous, and even formidable areas.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”  

Oh, one more thing—don’t be afraid to be creative with color and texture.  Never underestimate the power of texture and pattern to play off of and even enhance one another.  Give your eyes more than one place to land, and your arrangement will delight you in a new way every time to look at it.  Silvers with golds, texture on texture, photos with objects—if it’s something you love, then it’s always in style.

Love these ideas but just… can’t even?  That’s where we come in.  Shop our readymade Gallery Walls below. Upload your images, crop to size, and ship right to your door.

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