Calendars. The can be pretty. They can be funny. They can be utilitarian. But their ultimate purpose? To keep track of and mark the passing of time. As author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn would tell us: “Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity”.

Need a unique, thoughtful, creative gift for someone this holiday season?

How about starting a new year by framing an old calendar? Why not take a page from the month that made someone’s year and turn it into a gift that they’ll treasure forever?

Could be that April was the landing of a sought-after promotion; June was marked by finding a soulmate; October was the month a loved-one went into remission; November was the birth of your first child…

As for us, we took a calendar that was beautiful art—you know, with some numbers on it—and made a wall collage worthy of any wall in any room! That’s the magic of picture framing: beauty (and beautiful art) is in the eye of the beholder and can be found everywhere you look.

Framed Calendar prints hanging in home

The occasions are endless. The sentiments are unique. And the experiences are yours alone. We could be biased (okay, we are biased); but we think these occasions should be marked by a decorative visual remembrance of your collected experiences. Frame them today, and love them in each passing year to come.