Got a sports fanatic on your holiday gift list this year?

That question was rhetorical, by the way.

You may already be eyeing event tickets to stuff in their stocking this year. Again. And while “experiences” are certainly stellar gifts, they tend to have a bit of an impersonal feel to them, don’t they.

So this year, why not gift more meaningfully with something that can be enjoyed for a lifetime?

framed diamondbacks jersey

Add a personal touch to the holidays by framing something they already love!

Of course a valuable autographed jersey begs to be showcased in a frame to protect it for years to come. But maybe you can find a hidden treasure tucked away in a box somewhere. Think about all the many steps in the journey that made your sports-lover into a super-fan:

… the first little league uniform?

… the decked-out Letterman’s jacket?

… the college jersey where lifelong friendships were made?

… the community league jersey that pulled together an unlikely band of athletes?

… the “weekend” jersey that ensured a team win every single time it was worn (no matter what anyone else says)?

Whether you want to knock it out of the park with a completely custom design or if you’re on a tighter budget and simply want a clean framing package with tons of options, yep… we’ve got a frame for that jersey!

Let us help you create a custom gift from a loved item that will be cherished for endless (sports) seasons to come. Learn more about framing jerseys here and create a gift they’ll love.