May 2012: Adele’s topping the music charts (again), Messi’s magic foot is breaking soccer records, Elon Musk’s SpaceX docks at the International Space Station, The Avengers smashes opening-weekend box office records and is coincidentally your first date.

Fast-forward 7 years (Doctor Strange style). You’re now blissfully married to your “first date” and looking for the perfect holiday gift. Should it be some expensive bling, the currently-trending scent of the year, a wine-of-the-month subscription, or… something a bit more special, more sentimental?

Well, it’s the holidays. Time for twinkly lights, beautiful decorations, lit candles everywhere, comfy sweaters, mistletoe, nostalgia.

Yep, for sure the time to go for sentiment. And so you search the internet until you find an original Avengers print signed by Stan Lee himself. Feeling nostalgia not only for the holidays, but because Stan Lee’s autograph carries with it the memories of beloved cameos in nearly all of his movies.

Decision made. You splurge for an piece of cinema history and for a frame as epic as the movie franchise, and a magical gift is born!

Okay, so this is only one story of the many that have crossed our framing tables this season. Your story may be very different, but is by no means lesser. Your story is beautiful because it’s YOURS. We’re just here to give you a little inspirational nudge if you’re searching for meaningful gifts this holiday season!

Could be a favorite concert poster.

Could be a wedding, vacay, or everyday photo.

Could be a birth announcement.

Could be grandma’s hand-written recipe card.

Could be a restaurant receipt from a magical evening.

Could be a game board featuring an epic win.

What better time of year to take a trip down memory lane to find inspiration for a custom gift? As we often say “If you love it, frame it.” And for the perfect gift for someone special? “If they love it, frame it!”