Don’t be alarmed, but… phillumeny is back. Wait though! Before you call your doctor to schedule an immunization, we should probably clarify that phillumeny is the hobby of collecting matchboxes, matchbooks, and all related match-like things.

Maybe it’s the modern-day elusiveness of matches (hello disposable lighters and vape pens); maybe it’s the interesting designs and colors; maybe it’s the swag of being in an “upper-crust” establishment. But whatever it is, we somehow cannot resist the urge to grab that relic from a bygone era and slip it into our pocket, smoker or not. We’re not alone in this, are we??

What does this have to do with holiday gift-giving, you ask? Isn’t it obvious: matches make the perfect gift. Just kidding—they don’t.

But matchbooks may just be the perfect springboard to your holiday gifting.

Join us for story-time and we’ll show you. There once was a nervous suitor, waiting anxiously for his blind date in the restaurant reception area. And in his fidgety state, he paced and looked at the menu and paced some more and had a mint and inspected the dish of branded matchboxes. “Matches?” he thought. “How novel, how sophisticated, how…” Suddenly his date arrived and he absentmindedly shoved the matchbox into his pocket.

Well the date was everything he had hoped (fireworks and singing birds and cupid and all of that), and he kept the matchbox as his precious memory of the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. Not only did he keep it, but he began to notice and take matches from every place he and his beloved went for the next year. And thus a true phillumenist was born. Or at least someone with a LOT of unique matchboxes.

Fast forward to the revered one-year relationship anniversary which just so happened to fall right around the holidays. And what does one get for someone so special, for a relationship so special? Bet you’ll never guess!

Why not gather up all those matchboxes that represent all the places, all the moments, all the memories of that first year together? And why not preserve them and display them as a beautiful piece of art that will be as special as the moments that they represent? Why not indeed!

But this is only one story, friends—one example of the most special kind of gift-giving. And we’re sure you all have your own story, with your own special moments from your journey. So for that special friend, spouse, parent, loved one… now’s the time to be observant if you haven’t previously.

What “collection” (big or small) deserves to be gathered together, arranged in an artful way, and beautifully framed?

Whose holiday can you make sparkle with a bit of thoughtfulness and the gift of a cherished framed piece?  Think hard. Dig deep. Then come see us. We can’t wait to create some holiday magic with you!