There’s something about the holiday season that makes us treasure history a bit more.

Perhaps it’s the family traditions that have been passed down through the years. Perhaps it’s the gathering of several generations under one roof and the storytelling of times gone by. Perhaps it’s the desire for connectedness with home and family.

Whatever it is that makes you nostalgic this season… why not channel that feeling into your gift-giving? For today’s gift-giving inspiration, we’d like to showcase a framed vintage Sports Illustrated magazine published the year of the recipient’s birth. What a thoughtful way to celebrate a birth year and give a holiday gift to an avid sports fan!

But we didn’t just frame it. Not wanting to cover a single centimeter of the magazine or original mailing envelope, we expertly sandwiched it inside—not two—but three pieces of museum-quality acrylic!

The centerpiece of acrylic was laser-cut with an opening to perfectly house the magazine and envelope, and then two pieces of UV-filtering acrylic were placed on the front and the back to hold the framing “sandwich” together.

The result? A 3D masterpiece that will allow the owner to see every bit of the time-worn, well-loved edges.

We love holiday framing challenges, and we love making your special gifts a reality!

Your masterpiece is limited only by your imagination, and we will help you every step of the way with any “engineering challenges” to make your perfect gift for a special loved one.

So nostalgia? Yep, we’re all about it. And gifts that will not only dazzle the recipient, but will take their place among the history, the storytelling, the traditions of your holiday season? Well, we love those the most. Come in and see us—let’s make something beautiful and timeless together!

Hall of Frames